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57136The Time is Now?

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  • merlinofexmoor
    Jun 3, 2012
      The Time is Now?

      [ Would you say that this event of consciousness returning back to its
      primordial condition in the ground of being has anything to do with time
      travel, for you do claim that it is before time as we normally know it?

      Would I say it? No. But then again I would not say that it wasn't
      connected in some way. There plainly is a connection with Time, and the
      lack of its perception - timelessness. But what exactly? I don't
      know. It is all within the Double Vortex of Emanation from the point of
      no duration. But Time is a very strange and mysterious thing isn't
      it. More mysterious than even the lack of it. Ask any mystic and they
      will tell you the same thing. Assuming that you can find one that is.
      And if you are one then you don't need to find one – for you
      have found YOU.

      However, forgetting all that, Time as we know it here and now is a
      strange phenomenon in its own right isn't it. Jump into a jet and
      you can skip time zones in short duration. But all the time zones on
      earth are all existing at the same moment. Time in that sense (clock
      time) is a man made measurement, not an extant phenomenon in its own
      right. All those time zones exist at the same moment, the same time
      – here now. But what else do you discover about time while living a
      lifetime here? You discover that you travel through time. If you were
      born here say in 1940 then by 2000 you have travelled through a few
      different kind of time zones – Decades. If you lived here for three
      hundred years (no thank you) then you will have travelled through a few
      centuries. So on and so forth. Can you deny that you were here in 1940
      if in fact you were here in 1940? To deny it you would be kidding
      yourself. You, or a part of you anyway, IS a time and space traveller.
      But there is also a part of you which ISNT. And that is where the
      mystery kicks in. Life is a mystery lad. Those who say that it isn't
      don't yet know that IT IS. Their whole life here is spent in an
      existential paradigm that has no known relationship or connection to
      their timeless SELF. But they will see. None exist who don't come
      to see.

      However my friend, what time is it now? And what time zone are you
      existing in at this very moment? Life is so simple and easy until you
      start to learn things isn't it. But where are you going to learn
      them, and when? Ask yourself. What are you? Where do you come from?
      And when? And why? And how? Grab the day; but don't dally in it.
      Just take it with you on your way. You can do that. Even from the dining
      room at the end and beginning of time. Know Thy SELF. It is always
      with you. But Time is the insubstantial Pageant. I AM NOT, for I remain
      what I AM when the pageant is done. You will see.



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