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56990World trade center

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  • William
    Apr 30, 2012
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      The tallest building in North America is still the Willis Tower in chicago but the tallest building in NYC is the new world trade center. I like that and hope it puts gloom and fear in the vapid minds of islamic terrorists. The modern world has fought back, killed many of the terrorists and rebuilt the skyscraper. Now is time to remind the enemies of USA that we can and will reach out and kill you if you try to harm us further. Obama trumps Osama and the American spirit stands far above the islamic trash. I hope they liked our armored divisions. The soviet era tanks were blown up and reduced just as we reduced communism and the Warsaw pact. Our arms are better as proved by battle results. I hope they remember all their dead insergents and their AK`s. They quit "Allah Akbar' when the 22.3 MM rounds of our M16`s cut them down with accurate aimed fire. It is one year since we got Osama and I hope his widows remember who killed their old man. I hope they are smart enough to cease and desist the pathetic attempts to destroy modern culture and I hope they know our drones and sattelites and radars are watching them at all times. Our ships are in your waters and you are infiltrated throughout your miserable societies. I hope they listen as their captured killers spilled their guts and disavowed their corrupt leadership and turned them over to the Seals and drones. You lose radical islam and we have further plans for you if you continue to mess with the world. Draw back and back down or we will annihilate many more of you. Most Americans see you as enemies and you see what happens to our enemies. WRH