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56803To the young

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  • William
    Apr 2, 2012
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      I have been accused of being overly negative so rather than put more scorn on the young I will say what I see is in their favor.
      Since the younger generations are less numerous the huge nummbers of boomers will leave numerous jobs unfilled when the boomers leave. I think we will have underemployment and that is in the favor of the workers. Even though the younger generations are not known for their competativeness they will have few to compete against.The autism numbers suggest there will be big opportunities in care positions for these unfortunates who will require care. These positions should have salaries comparable with nursing so for those inclined this is a great opportunity. As to the autism itself I will defer to the owner. Is it true that the theory now points to a genetic/environmental causality to autism? As in other stigmatised states homosexuality shares a huge political argument with autism. There is huge guilt associated with these problems and many many people ready and able to exploit the guilt. At any rate there will be huge amounts spent to combat and control autism.
      The young can be spared the burdon of hard, manual labor. Robotics are taking over assembly lines and construction labor. There are better ways to spend a life than digging a ditch. I did it but I did not enjoy it. I could not have lasted a lifetime as such.
      Unemployment is falling rapidly and there will be jobs and a return to prosperity. I see a great reason for hope and I wish the young the best. WRH