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56802An old man

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  • William
    Apr 1 9:58 AM
      On the sunday talk shows the specter of a SCOTUS majority of old males overturning the health care bill is a probablity. I was outraged until I looked in the mirror and saw an old ,white man.
      Why do old men become so conservative ? I think it is about the loss of power that happens in later years. The young have it going for them and the old masters are left with political power and money to keep an advantage. The old power brokers will not give the young a further hand up by paying for their health care. It is a matter of control and the old will hold on to as much as possible for as long as possible. So I am trying to figure out why I am not beating my cane on the desk in rhythm with my peers. I think it is because I have always worked for a living. I respect work, not cheap ,paper passing work but but hard,dangerous ,dirty work. So when I see rich ,old men scourging the young workers I get no pleasure from the spectacle.
      Now it is true , many of the young opt for the soft , lazy jobs of middle business. I have little respect for those people who inhabit a zone just outside the dole. Those clever little manipulators are the mass takers in our society and they contribute very little. They spend a great deal of time manipulating small symbols of power and for the few that succeed in their paper chase they become the mean old men of the future. The real workers shame the functionaries and given the chance the flunkies turn on the workers and degrade them as far as possible. This is age and class warfare and for the future seems unavoidable. We old will soon be gone,dead and health care will probably be available to me and my age group for the duration.. The young ,for the most part do not know that five old men are about to make their lives harder,less healthy and poorer. I did not care when I was their age and my concern is tempered now by the realisation that I will soon be gone. Just keep the morphene ready because I do not want to go out screaming. Grimm