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56691Saturday afternoon

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  • William
    Mar 10, 2012
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      It seems someone was reading this list as a "laura" tells me I watch too much TV. Of course I will immedately gouge out my eyes to comply with her view. Actually I listen to TV while working at the PC or laptop. Most of the time I am much more interested in the stock market than this moribund endeavour. The old leftists who have run away from here had no interest in capitalism and knew little or nothing about financial matters. It appears they considered such interests evil as they contended with their far leftist notions.
      If there is a leftist agenda it is hiding from common view. I stopped by the commune restaurant and saw the usual scruffy marxists. The food sucked and the people stank. There was no service and therefore I did something I rarely do , I left no tip for the leftists. The communists put fritos on my chili , If I wanted fritos I would have grabbed a bag. There is great celibration in lefty world as the local protester from this last winter beat the rap on his arrest for tresspassing on the state house grounds. I really enjoyed the footage of him being dragged off by the gouvenors goons. It was like the old days with screaming and swearing and handcuffs and night sticks. The protesters did not know what they were protesting it was just time to do their thing so they occupied the ststehouse grounds and got arrested. How strange and pointless.
      So to the lone reader perhaps you might write out in the open and then I will be reading you and not watching TV. Actually I am watching golf , another capitalist plot for you leftys out there . WRH