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56678Re: Calling all Lurkers; Comfort.

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  • westbrookj57
    Feb 4, 2012
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      Most of the people whom I speak to seem to know well enough that they have to live with their decisions and the consequential effects of them, so that is not new or rocket science is it. It is where the buck stops. Thank you for answering the question and saying that you were guessing. Your first email made is sound like an assertion of phenomenal fact. Good luck in changing your ways and finding whatever it is that you are looking for. Hope it works for you and that you find it better than the old way.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Kalior" <mkalior@...> wrote:
      > I am not saying there is any thing wrong. Like some people like to read, some people don't. There is no wrong or right. But, we have to live with our decisions. And by "we" I mean myself and most, if not all people. I am guessing, because I do not know, that most people have the same processes. And I, certainly intend to change my process and perspectives, but I have found that making this change is no simple matter. Kind of like, simply deciding to be happy. Most of us can be happy for a while, but always being happy is beyond most of us.
      > I am not preaching or even trying to convince anyone. I am simply sharing an idea or perhaps an realization, that I had. I did receive an invitation, to contribute.
      > ....I was kind of hoping, someone in the group, had a similar realization and there would be exchange of experience in this realm.
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