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  • Jim
    Jan 1, 2012
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      I was not aware that the Levin/McCain Detention Bill was going to be dropped or watered down, but if so that is good news for freedom in general and US citizens in particular.

      I followed the posts on identities at Existlist. It seems you were suggesting that Tim Pendry was Dick Richardson. However these are clearly different individuals in my opinion. Dick is an old man with a liking for mysticism and pagan and eastern ideas. Tim is a younger person, much better read, and interested in recent developments in technological and cultural thinking. Their only similarity, in my view, is their promise to leave Existlist, but not yet.

      With regard to the threat from Iran, your latest post suggests you think the threat has subsided to some extent. Your Chamberlain remark suggests you see Iran as big a threat today as Hitler's Germany was in the late 1930's. I don't see the similarity myself. I see a need for the UK to have a small standing army in case of attack to our islands, however I don't support imperialism, so I would not want the UK to get involved in foreign escapades.

      I favour the move to renewable energy sources, and efforts to cut our energy consumption, so we do not depend on the import of oil from abroad.

      It is good news if oil reserves are being found in Mexico, but I would prefer all of us to cut our energy usage as part of a move towards sustainable living where the earth's resources are not being "used up", but recycled to create an equilibrium, for the benefit of future generations.

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