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56565Re: A force for truth

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  • William
    Jan 1, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <jjimstuart1@...> wrote:
      > Philosophers are in the business of getting at the truth and, some of them at least, are also in the business of trying to change the world for the better through their writings.
      > Whilst existentialists are a particular sub-group amongst philosophers, they also aim at both truth and change.
      > As Bill correctly states, the majority of contributors to Existlist in recent years pursue these twin aims of philosophers with honesty and integrity.
      > Progress towards the truth, and clarity how change for the better can be achieved, are best pursued in a spirit of good-will and cooperation. Further I think these aims can best be achieved by concentrating on the ideas discussed, rather than on the individuals who put forward the ideas.
      > Whilst individuals, no doubt, post for various reasons, some noble and some ignoble, I think to delve into personal motives is a distraction and serves little or no useful purpose.
      > The current regular contributors to Existlist are a small bunch – just a handful. Fresh faces mean fresh ideas and the chance for new insights. I would rather judge a new face by the quality of their posts here on Existlist, rather than what they may or may not write elsewhere, or where they come from, or how they live their lives.
      > Jim
      Jim, your fears for my civil liberties can be laid to rest. Obama and the congress did not suspend Habeas Corpus as you predicted. The huge appropriations bill ,mostly defense spending, was revised and signed. Also the President ,who has been accused of appeasement by the republicans has forced the Iranians back to the table to discuss sanctions and enrichment. The Mullahs have stopped the sabre rattling on the gulf of Hormuz . Is there anything else that is of immediate concern to your leftist sensibilities?
      You were absent from the dust up over identities and now that the heavy lifting is done I hope you can figure out who is who.
      Since you yearn for ideas and discount identity would you like to comment on the outcome of the above mentioned topics as you not only missed who is who but on what you said. Your siding up to Iran shows a wrong sided blindness that puts you in the Chamberland camp. Does the identity of the Republican Guard matter to you? Have you been appraised of the big oil finds in the gulf of Mexico? Oil is not going away but more robust wind turbins are being developed at the U of Iowa. Progress is being made on so many fronts and you might comment on one or many of these topics. You need not sign your post , I would not want to either if my track record was as dismal as yours. Bill
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