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56562A force for truth

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  • William
    Dec 31, 2011
      The body of those things said ,which are said as truth and thought in good faith deserve to be protected. Existlist has often acted as a repository of such a will to truth. Now I am not saying it has all been truth but most of it was offered in a spirit of honesty even if it later turned out to be false. Then again some material has been offered by imposters whose motives may be sinister,may be cynical , may be trivial but usually remain unknown. Pranksters and the terminally bored have come and gone under various names and assumed identities. Ocassionally there is a chance to revisit the interloper. Just popping in to say good day retraces twisted paths of protection built with confidence that they are unassailable. How would you know if there were ever an unbroken code, would it make any difference to anyone but the code maker. When a light breeze touches you on the cheek it can be as impressive as a blow. Bill
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