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  • William
    Dec 3, 2011
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > Thoraeu bothered me with his naive depection of the wild world. I was usually more concerned with weaponry than with poetry. Survival is the beginning of wisdom and giving the other side time to orient, time to attack is just not good survival tactics.
      > I am so impressed by the US withdrawal in Iraque. We are all but out and the media is just printing the withdrawal news. Great Armies can move fast and powerfully and our logistic people have scored a hat trick. That kind of preformance is what could set me toward an idealistic swoon. The best Army in the world can move like a cat in the night. Hey, which side you on? Bill
      I see a very thin line between idealism and fanaticism. Both states of mind do not look at the empirical evidence of the situation. Both rely on faith for direction with Idealism arising from an overly positive world view and fanaticism arising from an overly pessimestic,even paronoid world view.
      Please take the opposite poles of Spaznitz and The idealists of Walden Pond as examples. Spaznitz are wildly reactionary and attack often on sight while the poets of Waldon just write and contemplate. Now a philosophy of first strike has immediate advantages but once one is committed to only agression one limits the element of suprise to encounter which may or may not be of a general tactical advantage. Spaznitz orthodoxy tries to limit this over aggression by demanding the individual consider his own survival in the situation but all training is directed to violent attack and will be obeyed over over doctrinal purity.
      The idealists of Waldon are entombed in pacifism. If the bear eats one it was ordaned by nature and therefore a proper thing . There is no measure of suprise in this contemplative state and usually appeals to weak fools. Ergo, I wish to be neither Waldonite or Spaznitz. US Army Special Forces doctrine is stronger and much more empirical in derivation. It is why we survive while less fact bound systems fail. Bill
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