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  • William
    Nov 4, 2011
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      Mary, does this mean you join Wil, as I am sure he thinks Hegel is the last, great philosopher. Those anticedant to FN were the true flowering of German Philosophy. I am sure Hegel was the most penetrating but I liked Husserel. I think his cynacism pried open the old world ,faith based theocracys. Then FN reached inside their bodies and pulled their guts out. Would Hegel allow quantum physics as he seems to progress like Newton.The cosmological constant was more conveinent than accepting an ever expanding universe and it seems the idea deeply bothered Einstein.I find it unfortunate Eienstein did not get to use the Hubble Space telescope. I think he would find things we are missing.
      I am contemplating the Israeli leak of an attack on Iran. Fareed Zacaria just doesn`t get it and he fears the idea. A threat of the use of nuclear weapons is rare and I know the Saudi King fears US withdrawl and the rise of Iran. Do Arabs hate Persians enough to join the Jews in bombing them. I doubt they could stop with just the nuclear sites and would have to try and overthrow the theocracy. Will the Ayaitolla be the next body we see being kicked around in the street?I know Bush and the republicans could be enticed to try such a decapitation. I am sure the revolutionary guard would try to enlist the whole Shiite populations to full jahaad. I do not find the options acceptable but Israel holds the big stick and it is their asses on the line. Hegel would have no way to even think about such a situation. He did not have any idea of nuclear fusion. Who changed things more,FN or Eienstein? Bill
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