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  • William
    Nov 1, 2011
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" <josephson45r@...> wrote:
      > One interprets the destructive and creative forces of the cosmos personally, so I have no problem attributing meaning to cosmic phenomena. Philosophically this was developed as mind or process or dynamic, not a god-like entity, and found throughout Hegel's demanding work which prefigured quantum mechanics (causal interpretation).
      > You are saying, because the universe is winding out, it's eventual demise gives a specific meaning and/or value to our lives, that struggle is or should be our dynamic with others. Some see dissonance and harmony resolving into one another as a dynamic of constant change. I don't think Existentialism favors one particular perspective.
      > Mary
      > Mary, I think it negates the spirtual,metaphysical nature of life. As to the interpersonal interactions of individual humans I think it has no direct effects. If your life and your sets of situations set you to kindness and brotherhood than to be authentic that is where you should follow. If your life is great struggle with little kindness it would seem that you might find traditional charity to be less the path to follow.
      I would point you to "The Rum Diaries" a film about the legendary Hunter Thompson. The glossey high life may be a dangerous facade that sends you down the false path toward a veneer of materialism. Set in Puerto Rico it contrasts the life of the people of the Carribean with the glitter of the developers who prey on them. It is most topical with the Wall Street demonstrations and the endless financial scandals. With the help of some acid, Hunter Thompson found his literary voice and became a noted writer. The most improbable happenstance can set one on a new path. No creed holds anyone unless they let it and to say a philosophy prohibits change seems to me to be false.
      So I agree with you that existentialism has no hold over ethical or moral stances. Existentialism askes you to find the truth and act in a manner that conforms with your findings. I can`t wait to get back to the Carribean and see christians and vodoo masters and soldiers of fortune and cheap crooks rub shoulders and drink rum. Who is right or wrong, who is happy?You just don`t see the contrasts here in farmer,insurance man land. Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@> wrote:
      > >
      > > The number of posts are far down,thus the winding down. I considered the future of the cosmos,thus the winding out. I agree there will be progress beyond Einstein, that stasis is impossible and so I am no sidewinder. It seems a reevaluation of the neutrino super speeders has lessened confidence in anything going faster than light. CERN is backing off the claim .
      > > I have always seen nihilism as a effect of the refusal to recognise god. Belief had been inculcated most deeply in mankind and its deflation threw a great many into a sort of philosophical paralysis. The luke warm protestants on this list have not recovered yet and they pine for their rocked ribbed security. Sorry sons of the parsonage, its is gone forever. They are like the sons of marx, they just can`t accept that communism is dead. So we end up athiest with a protestant hangover that leaves us with these agnostic whiners. Christian burial and veneration of spirtual objects remain for the clod heads but the non competative waste of such weak witchcraft will wear them and the practical believers out.
      > > I plan to enjoy the process and will revel in handing out candy,tonight to the little pagans. They get the good candy from me. Bill
      > >
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