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  • William
    Oct 30, 2011
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      The number of posts are far down,thus the winding down. I considered the future of the cosmos,thus the winding out. I agree there will be progress beyond Einstein, that stasis is impossible and so I am no sidewinder. It seems a reevaluation of the neutrino super speeders has lessened confidence in anything going faster than light. CERN is backing off the claim .
      I have always seen nihilism as a effect of the refusal to recognise god. Belief had been inculcated most deeply in mankind and its deflation threw a great many into a sort of philosophical paralysis. The luke warm protestants on this list have not recovered yet and they pine for their rocked ribbed security. Sorry sons of the parsonage, its is gone forever. They are like the sons of marx, they just can`t accept that communism is dead. So we end up athiest with a protestant hangover that leaves us with these agnostic whiners. Christian burial and veneration of spirtual objects remain for the clod heads but the non competative waste of such weak witchcraft will wear them and the practical believers out.
      I plan to enjoy the process and will revel in handing out candy,tonight to the little pagans. They get the good candy from me. Bill
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