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  • irvhal
    Oct 30, 2011
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      I don't think that "nihilism" as popularly perceived and condemned is what Nietzsche or Heidegger are about, but rather a concern over the ossification of thought. Truth is an historic and dynamic process, or what the Greeks called aletheia or unconcealment. Only recently, Einstein's thought was called into question by new discoveries about the speed of light. Such unconcealment wouldn't be had were we hostage to an ossified metaphysics deifying Einstein's conclusions. Nor should schools of science -- the study of beings -- be confused with the Being of beings. Nor, by way of analogy, should artifacts or heirlooms born of sentiment or history be reduced to their molecules. As Heidegger noted, there would be beings without us, but no aletheia or unconcealment.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:
      > > Irvin, I have read that when life was consuumed with survival concerns there was little or no thought of being or philosophy. Without written language only verbal records could transfer ideas to the next generation. Amoung our seven billion fellow travelors few care to think of being as many are fighting to retain it. I would ask you to relate time to being. I consider stasis to be an impossibility and the passage of time to be the record of escape from the past. Hubble has thrust us into the realisation of a dynamic, expanding universe. At the big bang all was energy and we all know that mass and energy are interrelated . It would seem that an all energy beginning cosmos is evolving into a more mass inclusive cosmos. Super novi and energy spewing black holes are reversing this process but increasing expansion leads to a colder more separate number of galaxies. As energy consuuming beings we would seem to mirror the cosmos in general. All that we do in using our energies for thought and respiration are useless and lost in our outward thrust into the cold. This is the new scientific nihilism and I find it fascinating. How could FN have known of this and how did Heidegger arrive at the huge nihilism of National Socialism? I know most on this list reject nihilism but I see it as the terminal point that may or may not explode into a new energy explosion. Wanting stasis, working for harmony might just be against the thrust of time and cosmic evolution. What do you think? Bill
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