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  • William
    Oct 28, 2011
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "irvhal" <i99hj@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Glad you like your new computer. (But why do we all continue to post under the subject "Winding out," when far from winding out (or down) the board seems alive and kicking?) Like all new tools or equipment, to know is to do, and our achieving an unthinking or casual mastery of a thing -- be it car, hammer or computer -- is gist for thought about Being. Heidegger would say that in deploying a thing we understand it. It becomes meaningful, a part of our ongoing world of meanings, references and relations. What he called a thing ready-to-hand. But let it break (or crash) and there's the rub. What was useful, ready, meaningful (or what some might call taken-for granted) is now but present-at-hand, an occasion for diappointment and frustration, but so too an occasion for reflection on Being.
      > Irvin
      > Irvin, I have read that when life was consuumed with survival concerns there was little or no thought of being or philosophy. Without written language only verbal records could transfer ideas to the next generation. Amoung our seven billion fellow travelors few care to think of being as many are fighting to retain it. I would ask you to relate time to being. I consider stasis to be an impossibility and the passage of time to be the record of escape from the past. Hubble has thrust us into the realisation of a dynamic, expanding universe. At the big bang all was energy and we all know that mass and energy are interrelated . It would seem that an all energy beginning cosmos is evolving into a more mass inclusive cosmos. Super novi and energy spewing black holes are reversing this process but increasing expansion leads to a colder more separate number of galaxies. As energy consuuming beings we would seem to mirror the cosmos in general. All that we do in using our energies for thought and respiration are useless and lost in our outward thrust into the cold. This is the new scientific nihilism and I find it fascinating. How could FN have known of this and how did Heidegger arrive at the huge nihilism of National Socialism? I know most on this list reject nihilism but I see it as the terminal point that may or may not explode into a new energy explosion. Wanting stasis, working for harmony might just be against the thrust of time and cosmic evolution. What do you think? Bill
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" <v.valleywestdental@> wrote:
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      > > I have just emerged victorious from a tech battle. I thought my Dell was stste of the art but the Geek Squad dude said it was eight years old and needed a new brain box. So I ordered the tower and elected to keep the peripherals. Melding the new with old seemed a formidible task and as I searched the big box for the instruction manuel I feared I had made a mistake. The manuel was only four pages with few graphs or pictures. The old computer had a wireless mouse and a full sound system with woofer and several smaller speakers. The old tower supported a wireless intra office network with modem and router. it was a spagetti work of tangled cables and breaker bars. I felt totally overwhelmed. The first direction was impossible as the old computer had no such connector. I went maggot and empirical and started trial and error match ups of the connectors. When everything was plugged in I turned it on and it actually came on. It asked me to pass word it and I did. Then it said it could not go on the net because the ethernet cable was not plugged in. I searched through the ball of wires and found the unplugged connection. I plugged it in and the internet came up on my wireless equiptment. I am freeking amased!I have no formal training with hardware or software but Dell had preloaded solutions even a lout like me could not mess up. That machine knew what it wanted to do and made me do it. I did not have to load drivers, I did not need to insert disks, It was all in there already. That is truly progress and I am impressed. That a computer illeterate can assemble and run these systems is to me an engineering wonder. Thanks Dell you have reaffirmed my trust in american tech and I feel I have a new lease on tech life. As I downloaded my favorites I actually felt a pride in the power of my civilisation and its problem solving abilities. That the new technology can drag along an old unsophistacated fellow player really impresses me. I am still counted, I am still a player. Science and technology joined with an existential free spirit can still produce. The damn thing works! Bill
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