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56269Winding out

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  • William
    Oct 26, 2011
      I have just emerged victorious from a tech battle. I thought my Dell was stste of the art but the Geek Squad dude said it was eight years old and needed a new brain box. So I ordered the tower and elected to keep the peripherals. Melding the new with old seemed a formidible task and as I searched the big box for the instruction manuel I feared I had made a mistake. The manuel was only four pages with few graphs or pictures. The old computer had a wireless mouse and a full sound system with woofer and several smaller speakers. The old tower supported a wireless intra office network with modem and router. it was a spagetti work of tangled cables and breaker bars. I felt totally overwhelmed. The first direction was impossible as the old computer had no such connector. I went maggot and empirical and started trial and error match ups of the connectors. When everything was plugged in I turned it on and it actually came on. It asked me to pass word it and I did. Then it said it could not go on the net because the ethernet cable was not plugged in. I searched through the ball of wires and found the unplugged connection. I plugged it in and the internet came up on my wireless equiptment. I am freeking amased!I have no formal training with hardware or software but Dell had preloaded solutions even a lout like me could not mess up. That machine knew what it wanted to do and made me do it. I did not have to load drivers, I did not need to insert disks, It was all in there already. That is truly progress and I am impressed. That a computer illeterate can assemble and run these systems is to me an engineering wonder. Thanks Dell you have reaffirmed my trust in american tech and I feel I have a new lease on tech life. As I downloaded my favorites I actually felt a pride in the power of my civilisation and its problem solving abilities. That the new technology can drag along an old unsophistacated fellow player really impresses me. I am still counted, I am still a player. Science and technology joined with an existential free spirit can still produce. The damn thing works! Bill
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