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  • irvhal
    Oct 16, 2011

      Perhaps I'm overlooking something, but it's Congressman Ron Paul and his son over in the Senate who've stood (and often alone) against the fiscal and civil liberty ravages of an unfettered national security state, as well as against the privileged position of international finance capital. In last week's Republican presidential debate, it was Paul who took on the Federal Reserve and the disgraceful TARP bailouts, while the latest Neocon fad candidate challenged him with a ringing endoresment of a previous Fed chairman that bailed out the hedge funds. And yes he is a medical man, intimating recently that homosexuality is less a moral than a biological phenomenon when pressed by a preacher excited about gays in the military -- hardly what you'd expect from a Step n' Fetchit for the Religious Right. As in all things political, we're necessarily in for a penny, but not for a pound, and we're getting our penny's worth with Paul.


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      > > Let's keep our perspective Bill. If anyone's "ginning" us up for a war with a mythically-inflated Iran it's a certain sophisticate lobby often funded from affluent Beverly Hills and the Hamptons (neither of which are being picketed by what Nietzsche might call the levelers) and which often manipulates the Holy Rollers. You're old enough to remember the seventies when it was the oil companies that pled for a restrained, even-handed policy in the Middle East -- a plea that begat (besides Senator Fullbright and Senator Percy's removal) a rash of oil company credit cards being cut up and returned from certain quarters. And before we indulge in a partisan Democrat revisionism, remember it was President Eisenhower that disengaged from Korea, asserted the national interest over the narrow during the Suez Crisis, and forewarned of the military-industrial complex. And who, aside from Senators Ron and Rand Paul, dare to take on that same lobby and complex today?
      > > Irval, I remember that Ron is a flight surgeon and therefore a military officer. That sheep has teeth and his anti abortion stance little but a front for his DOD ties. The Pauls are just a wing of the right who emphasise social conservatism while supporting homeland defense. Ike understood the MIC and warned it would become a monster that could eat the country. With Five Stars on his collar he could say what he wanted and that Kansas boy knew something about dismantling war machines. Ask Irvin Rommel. Bill
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