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56249Winding down

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  • William
    Oct 15, 2011
      Mary, that article pretty well outlines the leftist position. I recall Kent State and the great amount of time and treasure later required to extract us from Viet nam. Destroying the banking system and pillaging the middle class are akin to sending millions to fight a war that no one wanted. The right has always played hard ball and blood and death is just fine with them as long as it is not their blood or death. The oil wars are fought by the young poor who could not get a job and went to the military to survive. Only the young can remedy this mad imbalance and they must learn that their opponents care not one fat damn for the lives or fortunes of political enemies. Jamie Diamond belongs in the joint with Madoff and until the young make the battle personal the masters of greed will continue to run rampant. I fully expect an attempt to steal the election and the ginning up of a war with Iran could be the context for special wartime emergency measures to put a republican back in power. We face an internal radical elite that will stop at nothing to keep power. A war with Iran could get the draft reinstated and the right could send the young to death in the sand. Without a war the F35 will never be built and you and I know how badly we need an F35. Ask the defense contractors and they will tell you. Bill
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