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  • Josie
    Oct 15, 2011

      As a lefty l now enlightened by Zizek's scandalous critique, I'll not discourage our Caucasian Autumn, if I may coin as equally an unenlightened phrase as Arab Spring. My own caution runs along these lines and includes the notion that Tea Party attacks on Wall St. are an example of a cognitive dissonance which fuels the right.

      Here's a humorous opinion piece I found in a liberal newspaper.

      When I recently heard Bill Clinton suggest Wall St. protesters needed to contribute positive suggestions, I laughed. How easily one forgets a mere forty plus years ago simply saying something was wrong was sufficient to change history. Perhaps those who felt they were creating real change really weren't and are now doing what they can to show they didn't!


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      > > I should be shocked - but sorry to say I am not the least bit surprised at
      > > the number of unemployed you referenced below. In my past work in social
      > > services as an employment and training counselor, I saw many able bodied
      > > individuals would rather stay home and collect public assistance and smoke
      > > dope than work. This was five years ago when there were jobs. I still work
      > > in social services but not directly with the public but I still see evidence
      > > of this "You owe me America" attitude. Granted there are some that really
      > > require public assistance because they are unable to work due to disability
      > > or other debilitating circumstance; HOWEVER, those who are able should work
      > > for their assistance. In my community parks are closed because local
      > > government can't afford to pay staff. Streets and public buildings
      > > desperately need cleaning and repair due to neglect caused my lack of tax
      > > revenue. I say, make those collecting welfare checks work off their
      > > assistance through supervised community service.
      > >
      > >Andy, I appreciate your comments and your experience lends credance to your words. Let me say that the american tax situation is in a shambles and the continuance of the present lobbying system will only make it worse. I have never been on the dole and never plan to be. I do not see social security as a give away as the monies were earned and given to the government years ago. As an independant employer I paid half the taxes on many ,many employees and paid for all the bookeeping costs for them and the government. Big business and its lobbyists make sure that remains the case and the unfairness just grows as the politicians further corrupt the system.
      > What is going on with the anti wallstreet demonstrations is overdue and inevitable. The big boys have to be reeled in or the system will collapse. 2008 just about did the trick and unless those getting screwed rise up we will have desaster. The business / pig coalition thinks repression will win out but the more clubbing they do the fewer votes they will get. Stealing an election like Bush did will this time cause revolution so the rich are playing with the headsman as they push for more and more.I surly hope good sense prevails . When the molotov`s start we will know the time is here. None of that is necessary as if the democracy were allowed to function balance could be restored but the right wing prerevolution is now being countered by a left wing activism. The masters must bend or the people will break them. My advice to most here is stay the hell out of it. It is real,it is dangerous and it can ruin your life. Let the true politicos pay for their cheap thrills as they will be the next corruptors. Bill
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      > > A recent poll found in a eighteen to thirty two year old survey 56% were
      > > unemployed. The greater number were high school educated or less and many
      > > were living at home. This is an unwanted social experiment that leaves a
      > > generation half on the dole. I see no way this can work .
      > > The lazys and crazys are combining to sabotage the country. The ideological
      > > right is holding the jobs bill hostage in the house. The lost generation are
      > > comfortable at home, playing video games and waiting on their checks. The
      > > young are marching but they do not know why. They are marching on Wall
      > > Street but were stopped on the Brooklin Bridge. Their nominal leader does
      > > not know why they are marching.
      > > It seems the rich are refusing to pay for the poor and the poor are refusing
      > > to work at all. That is class warfare and how that ends I have little idea.
      > > Perhaps we are in for something like the French revolution. Feed them cake
      > > until they come and take you to the block.
      > > So we wait while most do nothing, the young workers do not work,the congress
      > > does not legislate and it just keeps winding down. There seems little chance
      > > this will change and the gridlock deepens. Bill
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