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56241Winding down

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  • William
    Oct 4, 2011
      A recent poll found in a eighteen to thirty two year old survey 56% were unemployed. The greater number were high school educated or less and many were living at home. This is an unwanted social experiment that leaves a generation half on the dole. I see no way this can work .
      The lazys and crazys are combining to sabotage the country. The ideological right is holding the jobs bill hostage in the house. The lost generation are comfortable at home, playing video games and waiting on their checks. The young are marching but they do not know why. They are marching on Wall Street but were stopped on the Brooklin Bridge. Their nominal leader does not know why they are marching.
      It seems the rich are refusing to pay for the poor and the poor are refusing to work at all. That is class warfare and how that ends I have little idea. Perhaps we are in for something like the French revolution. Feed them cake until they come and take you to the block.
      So we wait while most do nothing, the young workers do not work,the congress does not legislate and it just keeps winding down. There seems little chance this will change and the gridlock deepens. Bill
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