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56231Re: Zizek on divine violence

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  • William
    Sep 26, 2011
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <jjimstuart1@...> wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Zizek says the new proletariat are the slum-dwellers of the big cites of the world.
      > When this class rises up and starts the new revolution, whose side will you be on?
      > Jim
      Jim,my own.Sides are for sissies. Real men are decapitated,standing. I see it as a matter of avoiding those places that explode in class warfare. I see it akin to a shiit/ sunny sort of religous war. We have been conditioned to hate each other for trigger reasons ,pull the trigger and take your chances. I think relative solitude is the best retort to antiprivacy attacks. I certainly would not welcome that sort of event, if you have any illusions of how you will be hailed as a hero but it is as Achilles in Troy.All this talk of rising up is most romantic and we all are granted some of our wishes.
      I do not approve of Zizek says. Why not Jim says or would that be too exposive?
      I am an early boomer , I know the Korean War guys. The WW2 survivors are few so we old boomers are at a memory pinnacle. Soon the mind eaters,dementias show up and it all becomes theory again. I can still know concrete realities and the number grows. When that stops you won
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