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56173Re: Liberalism and Marxism

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  • Jim
    Sep 1, 2011

      Yes I agree that it is much easier to describe the problems of our societies than to solve them. Further I am in agreement with most of what you write, and I'll follow up the link you provide.

      I agree that technological progress has meant that there is less need for certain traditional types of crafts and other manual work. Thus there are fewer jobs available for less well-educated adults. However, often the indigenous population are less keen to do manual and low-paid work and hence the demand for immigrants to come in. Such economic migrants are happy to do the jobs the indigenous population don't want to do.

      Where I differ from you is that I think that for many years there has not been a political will to re-organise society so all healthy adults can be found useful work to do. In today's Western societies, the old-fashioned communitarian outlook has been replaced by selfish individualism, where we are each encouraged to look after number one and not consider the welfare of all. For Aristotle there was no conflict between pursuing one's own good, and pursuing the good of the community as a whole. However such ethical thinking is absent in today's capitalist society where maximizing profit seems to entail a large gap between those at the top of the social hierarchy and those at the bottom.

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