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56140Re: Imp Out of Kings

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  • Mary
    Aug 21, 2011
      > It may seem obvious to you that they were not there. However, to her, my guess is they were. Popular and sensible opinions are perhaps not always right... And why is one person's perception of reality more valuable than another?
      > Sliced like bread it is potentially toast, mold, a sandwich, gone. It is precisely the ability to perceive one thing as another that intimates possibility.
      > Arcing Lied

      Perhaps I was childish to wish them away, because they were real for her. I recall my fear and the need to control her `heretical' perception; the chain of events and consequences became predictable. The mental health biz hasn't improved, because it's predicated on utility rather than phenomenology, philosophy, or possibility.

      But perception isn't an ability; it just happens. Doubt and valuation require thought. Reason—thinking about thought—is similar to proprioception and, however imperfect, bridges the abyss between perception and action.

      Sufficiently similar perceptions and reason among us have been useful, but insistence on consensus has also been disastrous and seems the next king to dethrone.

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