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56003The threat you get

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  • William
    Jul 20, 2011
      I agree that free will iS a metaphysical concept of little worth. Freedom is measured in the threats you recieve from others. Being a loner seems to accompany those concerned with freedom. Communality magnifies the inconsistancys of others to a point that the very self becomes unidentified. It is relinquishing freedom for saftey in numbers. Old women master that world as they live longer more boring lives. The inside game supports the great threatners their subtilty eclipsed only by their vicousness. The lesson seems life corrupts and the quiet snipers survive. I see chance as the enemy of such commensual life tactics. It is hardly chance when the old woman breaks her hip, osteoporosis and senile disuse atrophy take their toll and as Glenn Frey says"Every point of refuge has its price" .
      There is a loner breakaway on the tour. It is good to see a man so regal and so alone. The pelloton will probably eat him but what a moment he lives. Bill