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55988Dug in for ideological reasons

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  • William
    Jul 15, 2011
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      That is what Obama says about republicans. That ideology comes from religion which is the enemy of existentialism. Yes, enemy, not contemporary view but unalterable enemy. Mary and my discussion of soft existentialism hangs tangentially on the relationship with the religous right. For hard existentialists there is no quarter with religous ideologues. Theirfaith based stances are not logical and care not at all for any basic fairness. They are correct because god says they are right with no room for compromise. And who defines the word of god, well, of course, the bible and evangelical ministers. They want a theocracy and any modernist has to affront such an autocratic horror.So when an ideologue says he will not raise taxes on the hyper rich it is not the good of the country that drives his stance but the infallibility of his ideology. God is on his side and we must give in to his god.
      It is a long time until we go back to the polls and this argument over debt ceiling will be resolved one way or another before then. If the in party is the right wing they will inherit the onus of another recession . Perhaps the soft independants will see the danger of electing ideologues but by then interest rates could be at ten percent and government bonds would have been in default. Sometimes existential philosophy slashes through into the world of politics and commerce. I doubt the ideologues will risk that much but I have seen them do as much in prosecuting wars against competing religions. They will back down but will we forget? Bill