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55982Le Tour de France

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  • William
    Jul 13, 2011
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      Herman, I differ and point to the title subject of this thread. We have and need those hard men. In the Tour de Crash as this year it is being called ,the slashing wreck into barbed wire resulted in more than thirty stiches to the victim. He rode the next day. That kind of courage still exists and you know it. Calling it primitive or backward does nothing to degrade truly heroic acts. As to someone shooting a pregnant soldier, such a thing should never happen in a civilised world. I have often said I deplore war but understand the need to win wars for survival. True courage in sport identifies the bold in a peaceful way and should war break out such persons become invaluable. I once took ten stiches in a championship game after being spiked and finished the game. Our goaly took twenty deep and twenty superficial sutures and came back for the final period. A star center played with his jaw wired and carried a pliers should he need to puke. Dedication and resistance to give in to pain still exists in both sexes but I agree it is becoming more rare. For that reason I speak of it,with reverence. Bill
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