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55980Arab Spring reaches the United Kingdom

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  • Jim
    Jul 13, 2011
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      Following the toppling of the President in Tunisia and the President in Egypt earlier this year, I am now pleased to report that the President of the United Kingdom has also now been removed from power.

      Australian Rupert Murdoch has been the unelected President of the United Kingdom since the late seventies, personally selecting all the British Prime Ministers in that time – Thatcher, Major, Blair and Cameron.

      During his time in power all Governments had to gain his approval for all major policy initiatives. Any politician who opposed his right-wing, pro-Israel policies was destroyed by vitriolic propaganda in his newspaper outlets – The News of the World, The Sun, The Times and the Sunday Times. These newspapers were the highest selling papers in the country over this period.

      It is astounding to me that only a month ago Murdoch was in full control of the country with all politicians (apart from the Green Party MP) in fear of him.

      His downfall has come about through the revelations of widespread "phone hacking" on his sunday tabloid "The News of the World". Nobody was too upset when it was revealed that celebrities and politicians had their voicemails listened to by News of the World reporters, however when it was revealed that the families of murder victims and terrorist victims had all been targeted, the British public were outraged and wanted something done. One particular case epitomised the situation – the case of murdered teenager Milly Dowler whose voicemails were accessed by the NOTW when she was missing and before her body was found. The NOTW investigative reporter not only listened to the messages, but deleted some so more could be left. This misled the police into believing Milly Dowler was still alive and thus hindering the murder investigation.

      Public outrage has led to Murdoch shutting The News of the World newspaper in a damage limitation move. However he is now struggling to keep his TV company – Sky – in its dominant position in the UK. Further politicians are no longer afraid of him, and suddenly have found the courage to openly criticise him and claim his company News International is a criminal organisation.

      This change in the UK political landscape cannot be over-estimated.

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