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55973Re: [existlist] Le Tour de France

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  • Herman
    Jul 9, 2011
      Hi Bill, Mary and all,

      On 4 July 2011 06:57, William <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:

      > **
      > I have great respect for the French existentalists as they looked at a
      > modern world of personal initive and risk. The German existentialists had
      > the terrible detour of National Socialism and losing the greatest war in
      > history. World trust in German existentialism has surly suffered.
      > The French choices in sport seem to mirror their philosophical tendancies.
      > Downhill skiing and bicycle racing are high risk ,individual sports . In
      > both ,errors can be fatal . In existentialism it is the individual who risks
      > all as he confronts all manner of religions,cartels and comglormates.
      > Now the Tour has teams but the winner is an individual and the French seem
      > pleased with that. The wildly legalistic nature of napolianic law exerts
      > itself in the drug and mechanical morass but the risk is still there and
      > only the very brave are rewarded.
      > So I agree with the French and see little place for timid agnostics and
      > deconstructing post modernists. When the bodies are flying amid sharp
      > sprockets , chains and cliffs, I see a metaphore for the chaotic mix of
      > existentialism. In the end you have no one to blame or reward but yourself.
      > Bill

      Thanks for your insightful and entertaining analyses, Bill and Mary,

      I�d like to expand on them a little. Skiing and bicycle riding, before they
      were anything else, were and are pursuits followed for their own sake only.
      Then there is the mindset that turns such pleasurable pursuits into a
      contest between men, whose reward is ........ victory over others!? For the
      pathological, every aspect of life is a potential candidate for conversion
      into a race. TV teaches us that even cooking, singing, even dancing needs to
      be cast as a competition between rivals, not as pursuits whose meaning and
      value lies only in the acts that comprise them.

      The existential choice I see is whether to live life as though the world is
      an arena. The difficulty lies in recognising acquiescence to the �dominate
      or be dominated� paradigm. For, even the most mundane of activities, like
      buying a loaf of bread at the supermarket for $1, buys into a division of
      labour that is founded on conquest and wilful unequal exchange.




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