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  • William
    Jun 3 1:06 PM
      Many things point to an attitude by authority that the people are worthy of greater liberty. That arrogance,in itself, is indicative of how much we have lost,in time ,in liberty and wealth. Now these often self appointed leaders act as if they are a separate class with no obligations under the law.
      I think any restoration of peace will come only if we take back our bill of rights. I do not know how maleable we will find Obama. What sort of concept of liberty lies at the base of his political philosophy. I think he is a constitutional law professor and so he has thought about it ,a lot. I hope he speaks of these matters on the campaign trail. I know it is boring to some but we need to know how he will steer the ship of state. Up to this point he has been wickedly rebuffed by the old guard money and conservativism. I think Obama could become very much more powerful and I hope his retaliation goes toward those who have twarted him and not at the rank and file. We need to hear if he is primarily a lawyer or libertarian. I think he will act as a liberal lawyer and thats ok with me. I know many of them and they are a decent sort that are at least, rational . Many of them feel they are cadged and will work for liberalization of the blue laws since most of them have been caught and sanctioned. I do not want to go back through "I did not inhale", bull shit. War has failed, War on Iraque, war on Afganistan, war on drugs ,war on our civil liberties. PEACE NOW!Bill
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