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556Re: Digest Number 120

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  • Randy M. Zeitman
    Jan 1, 2000
      >Message: 1
      > Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 17:14:09 +0530
      > From: Rajiv Pande <VANAJA@...>
      >Subject: RE: Digest Number 119
      >Dear Randy,
      >So here I am again in the vicious circle of Randian debate. Good show
      >Randy, but please clarify. The names of facts, and how they are expressed
      >is arbitrary. Universal agreement is possible only if the perceptions of
      >each individual coincide with the factual statement.
      >"Do you see a ball?"
      >"But I call it a sphere"
      >"I call it a ball"
      >"Do you see it as RED?"
      >"I don't know what is red"
      >"Red is a color"
      >"What is a color?"
      >Randy, the establishment of agreement depends heavily on external
      >conventions and standards. Facts are not easily to establish. Even
      >science, pure physics, is sometimes open to debate!

      >The names of facts, and how they are expressed is arbitrary.
      Yes, of course. That's what facts are. If you disagree then you must think
      the terms 'red' and 'ball' were not invented but existed before man and
      were given by god.

      If you choose to disagree then that's what you chose!...I have no say in
      the matter!

      >Randy, how did you get to Ayn Rand?

      The url is http://www.aynrand.com/.

      (If you meant figuratively I've no idea what you mean...)

      Is this the millennium we find life out there? Help find out!...