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  • tom
    May 2, 2011

      Who knows if the body is Bin Laden or not, and if it is I'd guess they would prefer him dead. Dead men tell no tales. Bin Laden very well have been in cahoots with the CIA. There are many unexplained things about 911; and nothing would suprise me. 911 like the Reichtag burning was either a lucky stroke for governments who wanted to reduce civil liberties and build up to fight, or false flags operations. Both came early in the respective administrations. Bin Laden's family was quickly flown back to Arabia by US, which sounds a bit strange and I think one of Bin's brothers was at that time on board of Carlyle with Bush 1.There are over a thousand architects and engineers that have signed a statement saying the buildings could not have went down as they did. As a professional man, you know that professionals would not want their name on anything that might bring to question their professional knowledge or integrity.There are also many high level retired military officers who have questioned 911.

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      From: William
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      As the dust slowly settles many features of the Osama assination are unexplained.
      It is reported his body was buried at sea. That is too handy and very difficult within the proposed time frame. There is just too much to be learned from that cadaver to dump it in the ocean. It had to disappear or shrines and violence would have popped up all over Islam. We are told we buried him at sea with all muslim ruberics, bullshit.
      The Packastani ambassador says they were informed of the proposed strike. Bull, we have made that mistake before.
      There is confusion as to the electronic capabilities at the compound. One report says there were many computers minus their hard drives. Another report says one way the compound was suspect was its lack of internet and cable. I noticed the place was burning , who was covering what? This story will take years to play out and with multiple intelligence agencies involved it will take a long time to cobble togeather a seamless story.
      For their saftey the operators will probably never be known. Too bad, they deserve the Blue Max.
      Again, the initial knowledge gleened would seem to be do not mess with Obama. He takes his time but he hits hard. Watch out our young raptor is precise and deadly. Bill

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