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55548Is globalisation a good thing for third world countries?

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  • Jim
    May 2, 2011

      You write:

      "I was not comparing rulihng classes, as much as expressing the fact that jobs going to the 3rd world for cheaper labor tend to be providing much better incomes to the 3rd world people than they had before globalization. At the same time, it tends to take well paying jobs away from advanced countries reducing the disparity. I'd guess you and Bill can also recall when "Made in Japan" implied shoddy quality. The times have changed. China is expected to surpass the GDP of the US in a few years. Of course they have over 3 times the population, but the balance is changing."

      In this quote you are suggesting that globalisation is a good thing for the citizens of China and similar countries. I disagree.

      Working conditions are so bad at the Chinese factories which make I-Pads and I-Phones that new employees have to sign an anti-suicide pledge. See:


      If I turned up for a new job and had to sign a guarantee that I wouldn't commit suicide in my new job, I would be a little suspicious of the working conditions!

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