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  • Herman
    Apr 23 8:16 PM
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      Thanks for your thoughts, Bill, Mary and Jim,

      Much appreciated.



      On 24 April 2011 03:30, Jim <jjimstuart1@...> wrote:

      > Herman,
      > I wonder if you have read Schopenhauer on music. My guess is you have and
      > you agree with his take on music. He argues that music connects us with the
      > underlying oneness of ultimate reality, whereas language and science are
      > part of the veil of Maya. For Schopenhauer conceptual thought is bad because
      > it is all part of the will-to-live, whereas music is not at all part of
      > conceptual thought, but is more like a direct intuition of
      > reality-in-itself.
      > So for Schopenhauer only music without lyrics would be considered untainted
      > by our concepts and reasoning abilities.
      > Music has been a positive presence in my life. Like Bill I prefer
      > contemporary popular music to classical music, although I appreciate
      > different genres of music.
      > As a teenager I identified with the punk movement that developed in the UK
      > in the late seventies. Then music was all about rebellion and distancing
      > oneself from the boring and hypocritical establishment.
      > I still prefer music with an edge to it, but I appreciate more calm
      > harmonies rather than just the rebel yells these days.
      > Jim
      > P.S. Louise, I don't know what kind of music you like these days, but I
      > wonder if you would like P. J. Harvey's latest release "Let England Shake".
      > The subject matter makes me think you may enjoy it.

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