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5523Re: [existlist] Happy New Year !!

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  • Yulian K. Gaard
    Jan 2, 2002
      Well, only fair that I too answer the questions.
      Have a wonderfull new year.


      "1. Which Sept 11 heroes touched you the most?"
      So many people talk about the heroes of the 11th September 2001, but to me, those who was left and grieve the loss of their loved ones. Those many milliards of people who have had the event affecting their life and world view; those many people who had their lives and world views ruined - those many people who still make the world run today are the most touching heroes to me.

      Alot of people state that they heard the cry of the dead and that they feared the dead on the astral. I feel with those poor souls who ended up where they shouldnt and who was felt as a danger due to their hurt and confusion from dying.

      But what touched me the most was the cry of terror, hurt, anger, and devastation of lives, and loss of joy. That huge cry of all the living beings and divine mind and souls on this world who lost a piece of themself.

      All thos many people living their lives are as much heroes as ny dead. I admire the firemens courage. I admire the virtues of those who have one or more to extrodinary extent, but to me, every person living life is a hero in their own right.

      "2. Who inspired you the most this year?"
      Every person using their mind and soul. Their heart and body to care for others and the world is the ones who inspire me. They have no need to run into a burning building, to die or to be able to fly. Those many people who hold it precious in their heart and strive to change the world into a better place are those who are inspire me the most.

      A special thought goes allong with that to Des - she's very special to me, mind and heart both and she've made changes in my life. I know she's one who care about others, life, society and the world - one who works to make them all better. I admire her very much, she's an inspiration and very close to my heart.

      "3. What are your predictions for 2002?"
      I believe that there there'll be a greater tolerance in the world; it'll be a year of great conflict in the "background" taking up alot of peoples mind, and alot of people wont be feeling it to be far away. I have a guess that there'll be a specific change in the spring and one (or two) in the fall, while the summer will bring a period of more peace.

      Blessings and Wishes for new beginnings


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