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5518RE: [existlist] Happy New Year

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  • greg goodwin
    Jan 2, 2002
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      Ryan and Eduard,
      I would be happy to throw forth my input to your
      writings as I, too, am trying to be an aspiring
      scribe, though my aim is currently more novelesk than
      short stories and I presently have several I labor
      over when the urge strikes; a semi-romantic tale, a
      rather erotic murder endeavor that makes it hard to
      write much at a time and more mundane cowboy epics
      that I strive to keep with traditional style for
      saleability while I keep wanting to throw my own
      twists in for myself, the thought of someone paying to
      read something I've written is appealing.
      --- Eduard Alf <yeoman@...> wrote:
      > Ryan,
      > If you get to your novels and need someone to do I a
      > review, I'm game.
      > I am trying to do short stories myself.
      > eduard
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      > I suppose I'll jump in and answer the three
      > questions.
      > 1) I would not say September 11th's heroes
      > particularly impressed me, but
      > rather many adherents of Islam. I have a few
      > Islamic friends, and most of
      > them were harassed following the incident, yet
      > every one of them stood up
      > for
      > their Faith. Those are the ones who truly
      > impressed me.
      > 2) The two people who inspired me this year were
      > ironically not people of
      > this century. Over the past year, I read the
      > works of Kierkegaard and
      > Nietzsche, perhaps the greatest inspiration I've
      > encountered.
      > 3) My predictions for 2002....
      > a) U.S. will turn the war on terrorism into a
      > bloodbath in the quest
      > for
      > "Justice".
      > b) Pro-Lifers will regain much ground on
      > abortion.
      > c) There will be more terrorist strikes
      > against the United States.
      > d) Palestine and terrorist groups supporting
      > it will increase the
      > intensity of strikes against Israel
      > e) Afghanistan will collapse into Anarchy
      > f) I'll finally get around to editing my two
      > novels..perhaps the
      > riskiest of predictions..
      > Ryan
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