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5506RE: [existlist] Happy New Year !!

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jan 1, 2002

      As usual you are thought provoking.

      Happy New Year to you as well.

      I see that Denmark decided not to go with the Euro. Denmark, Sweden and
      England .. I am not sure about Norway. What is all that about?

      Anyway for your questions.

      1) Hero? I would say the person seen leaning out a broken window on one of
      the floors of the WTC above the point of impact. We will never know what
      went on during that hour or so until the building actually collapsed, but
      whatever his/her thoughts or reactions during that time until their actual
      death, I would qualify it as "heroic".

      2) Who inspired me the most this year? That is hard to say. It was a
      difficult year for me and it seemed to just go by. I would have to say that
      the ExistList inspired me the most. It has been a real pleasure to spar
      with everyone here.

      3) Predictions for 2002?
      a) There will be more talk of Canada joining the US, especially as most
      European countries have now adopted the Euro and because of pressure from
      the US for a common immigration control.
      b) There is likely to be some major storm in the summer. December
      was the hottest ever recorded. The Ottawa River is still not frozen over.
      This morning the temperature was -12c; for the first time this winter.
      Usually we get several days of -20c long before this date. There is a lot
      of heat still in the atmosphere and it is likely to break out with dramatic
      affect. I would not want to live in the US Midwest when it happens.
      c) There will be some significant announcement that can be traced to
      cloning and genetic engineering. It will put our moral code on the line.
      d) A meteorite will hit France, leaving a hole not only in the land but
      also in the fashion industry. Fashion will shift to England, spelling the
      end of civilization as we know it.
      e) I will finally meet the woman whom I have contacted on the web, and
      the world will become a better place, regardless of fashion.
      f) Queen Elizabeth steps down from the throne and Charles becomes King.
      g) After several months of exercising at the health club [I joined this
      month], I am often mistaken for Brad Pitt.

      That is about it Yulian.

      have fun ...

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      Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 3:43 PM
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      Subject: [existlist] Happy New Year !!

      Dear All !!

      Happy New Year to all of you. Blessings to all of you and hope you'll all
      have a wonderfull year - I hope that those of you who have had some problems
      will use the new "dawn", "birth" or "rebirth" from the Yule/x-mas tide and
      the new year as a sign to create new beginnings; get rid of all the unwanted
      old and create a new sparkeling and shining "phoenix" to rice from the
      ashes. Use the new time to have your mind, body and soul soar to new
      heights - spread your wings.

      Enjoy the new, remember the old and learn from what have passed to build.
      I have added two questions that I had send to me; They can teach you alot
      about yourself if you think about them untraditionally. Everyone can answer
      "firemen" to the first, but try to write an article about the beauty that
      you see in those heroes - then use that to learn about yourself. The third
      question I can only encourage you to do to dream and/or to try out your
      dinavational skills with a tool or with inituition alone.

      1. Which Sept 11 heroes touched you the most?
      2. Who inspired you the most this year?
      3. What are your predictions for 2002?

      Lastly; I encourage you all to pick a new years resolution - finding a way
      to improove your life is not a bad thing. If you keep it ... well, that is
      up to you.

      I wish all of you a wonderfull new year, filled with blessings, love,
      laughter and light.

      Love Allways

      Respectfully submitted.

      " Magic is a way of life. "

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