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  • Eduard Alf
    Dec 31, 2001

      Welcome to the club. There is not much that I understand either. But the
      fun here is the opportunity to practice your logic and English composition
      in preparing emails.

      The basic premise of Existentialism is the idea of man being "thrown" into
      the world. It is sort of like the idea of the blank sheet [I think of John
      Locke ] where nothing is predetermined and you start out from scratch to
      begin defining yourself by your choices. Existentialism also proposes that
      in being able to make choices, you are making them "for the world" and thus
      there is a significant responsibility in the choices that you do make.
      Beyond that there are some aspects of Existentialist philosophy which I find
      to be too dark for my liking; like "hell is other people", at least in
      Sartre's point of view. My opinion is that much of this comes from the
      traumatic experiences of Sartre during WW2. Even Camus seems to have his
      perspective bent by his own particular upbringing in Algeria Anyway that is
      something that you can find out for yourself in your studies and on this
      ExistList. Have fun.

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      Eduard Alf,

      I want to thank you for writing me about the web site tameri.com
      The site is explaining some of the ideas on existentialism that I did
      not understand. I'll be trying to understand this absurd subject.

      Thank you,


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