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54928Toward a State

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  • Mary
    Mar 1, 2011
      Isn't radical individualism inconsistent with an interest in local or world politics? Isn't advocacy of violence abroad at odds with rejection of it at home? Is it not naive to suggest government at any level is innocent of policing on behalf of powerful interests?

      In order to avoid gridlock or revolution, cooperation is required. Protecting the rights of loyal opponents is the essence of democracy, but when voting and feedback become nearly ineffectual, creative approaches are required. If this form of democracy is to survive, ordinary citizens must organize and capture the attention of elected officials who believe that majority means mandate. Otherwise, plutocracy will succeed.

      The dynamic between state and individual has been evolving, but boots are tramping on our heels. Each of us supposes differently who wears the boots, but they are obviously organized; a non-cohesive response is insufficient. Is it nihilism, greed, or some apocalyptic certainty which energizes the stompers.

      How we think, feel, and act resonate across a of web of complex interrelation--an inevitable realization which will cause coherence and meaning, though possibly not what we expect. Existentialism is a tension between uncertainty and action, between freedom and responsibility. We are the abyss we traverse.