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  • tom
    Feb 28, 2011

      Certainly Gadaffe or Amadeanajohn are very negative forces in the world, but we had a president, Bush 2 who from most accounts got the US to attack and occupy Iraq on false premises, resulting in the death of over a million Iraqis. I'd guess Bush/Cheney are the world leaders for 21st century in having blood on their hands.

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      From: William
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      Subject: [existlist] Bums bones

      Tom, The drug laws are built on prejudices, racism and very little science. As someone mentioned the heavy opiates can disable a society and need control. That does not mean all substances are in the same class. The laws are worse than the drugs so there seems to be a direction we might explore. They are selling pot in Washington St. It is at a public convention, we could have a real war on drugs on our hands. It seems many ,many young people are fed up with management,all over the world. That is a good thing ,as they are beginning to care what happens to them. They are not going to like what they find. They are going to find lying crooks like Madoff, they are going to find snorted out ego maniacs like Charley. Those are the nonviolent ones, try on Gadaffe or Amadeanajohn who are more on a par with Hitler and Mussolini than any business crook.
      Every now and then we get a shot at a crazy and it is a true executive decision to take him out or allow him to remain. Yes we are patching holes but it is better than when Hitler held Europe and Japan controlled the Pacific. We have to keep retiring the mad men while giving example of legitimate government. Thats a big damn job but we have been managing it for many years. A thing isnt a ponsi scheme just because it leaks, everything degrades and needs revision. It is a ponsi scheme if it was built to defrade by confidence. I just do not see Jefferson in that dark light. Bill

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