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54610The art of revolt

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  • William
    Feb 3, 2011
      Nicholas Kristoff of the NYT is bugging out of Egypt. As I said to Wil westerners staying there are nuts. Mubarik is going to try to crush the rebellion and it will be brutal. A revolution against a standing government is a haserdous business. Mubarik is a cruel dictator,known for torture and mass repression. he has big money and bureaucracy behind him and the protestors have good intentions. Because you walk into the street and scream freedom does not mean the owners will give you what they have taken.
      Now we will see how tough these have nots are. Executions and prison are coming and if they cannot bring down the goverment they will pay with all they have.
      During the time of Mubarik the population of Egypt has doubled with the greater number being poor and illiterate. What can Egypt change into? What good is a broke, illiterate democracy? Mubarik or the prostesters are both bad choices and only full confrontation will test the conclusion. I think we can brace for more unrest,killing and rioting. Look at oil prices and who profets from that. International business will vote secretely about this and I think you know what they will promote. Bill