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54598Re: [existlist] Up with American regionalism

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  • tom
    Feb 1 7:08 AM
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      Wil and Bill

      I guess in some way a claim for the Monroe doctrine could be comparable of the idea of personal space, and "getting in your face" as aggressive and confrontational. Also the presence of foreign powers in the vicinity would be a great strategic advantage to such powers if a conflict broke out between the US and 1 of these European powers. But to attempt to apply the personal space idea to the mideast by the US would be like me accusing you of getting in my face when you are on the other side of the bar. As a matter of fact, Islamic nations could make the case that the US has been in their faces for many years. During the cold war, arguments could be made that US presence around the world was necesary to avoid the USSR taking over the world. However, today there seems to be no other competitor with the US for imperialist of the world. The US attempt to spin current imperialism as bringing freedom and democracy is comparable to the Holy Roman Empire justifying their conquest as spreading Christianity or Islamic nations spreading Islam. Ironically, I think many brainwashed Americans really believed that Operation Free Iraq was about bringing freedom to Iraqis, and anybody not interested was lacking in love of freedom and fellow man. These people began to feel angry that so many Iraqisis didn't appreciate what we were doing.

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      Of course the Monroe Doctrine concerned the prevention of Western European countries from further exercising their influence in Latin America. That little bit of presumption has had the cumulative effect of keeping many lands to the south of us in bitter poverty and at the mercy of dictators and US exploitation until recent times. The idea was that South America was in some way "American". In these times, and long past the Barbary Wars, no such claim can be made concerning Egypt, of all places, even by those who try to channel Monroe.

      "Doctrines" like the aforementioned one require a 'pre-historical' populous; that is to say an underdeveloped circumstance capable of being the brunt of such paternalism. It also requires conditions for its possibility. Neither are the case here.


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      I like the Monroe doctrine, it entered in the idea of global humanity. Monroe was thinking of world government ,many many years before its possibility.
      This last flash of individual thoughts seem to suggest we are not ready to surrender our daughters and share the land. Existlist is alive and well as individuals exist within and adverse to governments.
      Tom is truly good at that integral duality and therefore he may point the evolutionary short grass. Eat it or hide in it, just use what you need,it is your time. Bill

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