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54595Re: [existlist] Re: Down with American imperialism!

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  • tom
    Jan 31, 2011


      It is similar in the US. Anybody or any party free of the influence of big oil, as well as various other special interests has no chance of winning. Most politicans don't think of themselves as much as bad as they do just doing what is necesary to have a chance of victory.

      Interestingly the invasion of Iraq was the US plus UK; and these are the 2 countries which in Orwell's 1984 had become Oceana.Interestingly Scotland Yard records indicate Orwell was being watched. "Big brother is watching you."


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      I generally agree with what you write here.

      I certainly agree the recent British Governments have acted similarly to recent US Governments, and the British imperialism of past centuries is a source of shame to me.

      You write:

      "Don't fool yourself. Ultimately, no popular political party or energy innovation is free of their influence."

      Well, I belong to the British Green Party, and I think they are free of the influence of the big oil companies. On the down side, they have no chance of getting elected!


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      > Increasing instability in the region will cause energy prices here to skyrocket. But gentlemen, et's not be naive about Great Britain's competitive partnership with the U.S. in Mideast oil policy. Those who greedily despoil and enslave by pumping this filth out of the ground are the shadow government of most Western nations and have colluded with other tyrants who also care only for wealth. While average citizen-subjects desire work which allows them to purchase life's necessities and elect leaders who agree, these shadow governments' spout their gibberish through purchased mouthpieces, obstruct sane, forward looking energy policies, murder through poverty, and pollute the earth. Don't fool yourself. Ultimately, no popular political party or energy innovation is free of their influence. They are the pharoahs who won't let their people go and who rush headlong to destroy the earth's atmosphere by causing the sun to take us far ahead of schedule.
      > Mary

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