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54594Small is beautiful

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  • Jim
    Jan 31, 2011
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      Good to hear from you again.

      My own view is that the way forward is for all countries to try to become self-sufficient in both food and energy.

      I would have thought such a "cause" could help to unify a country, and also it could become a matter of national pride, the extent to which they succeed in this.

      I also distrust talk if a "global village". Perhaps I am becoming more isolationist, but I think people should concentrate on improving their own local communities, enjoy holidays in their own countries, buy local produce, and support local culture.

      As Mary says, multinational companies are becoming more powerful that national governments. In our own country the Australian Rupert Murdoch has more influence on government policy and which party gets elected than many British politicians and political parties.

      I think the hope lies in that old saying "small is beautiful".


      > Jim, If the Americans had "invented" al-Qaida, they would have given it a more pronounceable name. The abandonment of the mujahideen may have proved disastrous to US interests, but this does not indicate that bin Laden and thousands of others, of similar mind, lack agency. I feel a certain distrust of that last clause, since it reminds me a little of the kind of arguments one hears from Tony Blair, but that is only association, and does not put me in his camp. Otherwise, I broadly agree with you. Where is hope to be found? Isn't it amazing, in a sense, that self-sufficiency is so radical a doctrine? The whole idea of a global village is a perilous rhetoric, it seems to me, in this context. Louise
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