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54589Re: [existlist] Down with American imperialism!

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  • tom
    Jan 31 9:06 AM
      True, but the more the US is involved, in all liklihood the greater the negative blowback will be at home.The founding fathers warned about entangling alliances, and they knew perpetual war is the usual result of such. There are many economic interests that see perpetual war as well paying secure jobs and big profits.

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      The world is interconnected. What happens in the Middle East will affect us
      here. Maybe only slightly. Maybe profoundly. I don't think anybody really


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      You write:

      "I might not side with Keller about the wars but at a time when there is
      great unease I would like to hear a clear American perspective. . This is a
      huge and enticing world problem that involves us all.Big history,big

      I completely disagree. Why do we need a "clear American perspective"? The
      unrest in Egypt has nothing to do with the USA. Yes, the dictator's army and
      police force uses US weapons to kill unarmed civilians, and the US probably
      needs to get its own citizens out of the country, but after that the USA
      needs to keep out of other people's business.

      There are big decisions for the Egyptian people to make, but no big
      decisions for the USA to make.

      The more the US interferes in Egypt and the Middle East in general, the more
      al-Qaeda and other fundamentalist Muslim groups benefit. Al-Qaeda is an
      American invention.

      The USA needs to learn to be self-sufficient in both food and energy, then
      it won't need to "control" countries on the other side of the world. Down
      with American imperialism!


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