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  • eupraxis@aol.com
    Dec 31 3:53 PM

      I think you're right about Zizek's sense of play. And when he pooh-poohs democracy, I think it is "democracy" that he cringes about: that is to say the concept wrought with the symbolic entrapments that actually prescind from the notion what is truly democratic, leaving in its stead a bait and switch of unapparent compromises and structural detours.


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      My impression of Zizek is that he relishes the potential of the radical. He is said to revel in paradox and irony. He admires the potential of failed fascist and communist movements for their radical visions and ability to inspire, not necessarily their motivations or half-assed programs/pograms. If he's serious about violent overthrow, I'm not with him.

      I wish for a radical or referendum based democracy so that governments would finally realize their ignorance and lack of vision in kowtowing to special interests. Representative democracy, not the average citizen who never had control in the first place, is what requires renascence. When neighbors realize what others actually care about, rather than what they're told to care about, real change might occur.


      THIS ONE

      Before this loved one
      Was that one and that one
      A family
      And history
      And ghost's adversity
      Whose pleasing name
      Was neighborly shame.
      Before this last one
      Was much to be done,
      Frontiers to cross
      As clothes grew worse
      And coins to pass
      In a cheaper house
      Before this last one
      Before this loved one.

      Face that the sun
      Is supple on
      May stir but here
      Is no new year;
      This gratitude for gifts is less
      Than the old loss;
      Touching is shaking hands
      On mortgaged lands;
      And smiling of
      This gracious greeting
      `Good day. Good luck'
      Is no real meeting
      But an instinctive look
      A backward love.

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