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54273Re: Happy Nothing-New-Year

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  • Mary
    Dec 31, 2010
      This poem was written by W.H. Auden, and my decision to post it inspired by a line from The Thin Red Line, "Property. The whole fucking thing's about property." (First Sgt. Edward Welsh)

      > THIS ONE
      > Before this loved one
      > Was that one and that one
      > A family
      > And history
      > And ghost's adversity
      > Whose pleasing name
      > Was neighborly shame.
      > Before this last one
      > Was much to be done,
      > Frontiers to cross
      > As clothes grew worse
      > And coins to pass
      > In a cheaper house
      > Before this last one
      > Before this loved one.
      > Face that the sun
      > Is supple on
      > May stir but here
      > Is no new year;
      > This gratitude for gifts is less
      > Than the old loss;
      > Touching is shaking hands
      > On mortgaged lands;
      > And smiling of
      > This gracious greeting
      > `Good day. Good luck'
      > Is no real meeting
      > But an instinctive look
      > A backward love.
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