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54002Why Bother With Mysticism?

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Dec 1, 2010
      Why Bother With Mysticism?

      What are you attempting to do and why?

      Where is the justification for even getting involved, and is there a
      pay off?

      To them, mysticism is some kind of a game, or a path which they choose
      to walk along. It involves all kinds of weird actions and rituals, and
      maybe clubs with secret hand shakes, and all that silly irrelevant
      nonsense of make believe. Talking about the gods, angels, demons and
      monsters. They know nothing about the working of their self, the human
      mind, psyche and the subconscious. Mysticism, to me, is easily
      defined. It is experiential conscious EXISTENCE and TO BE, and to
      BECOME. And to KNOW and to DO. It is everything. And no matter where
      that experience is taking place in so far as a perceived backdrop is
      concerned. But the experience takes place IN HERE. Even the experience
      of the outside physical world takes place IN HERE. Both objectivity
      and subjectivity takes place IN HERE. I cannot get OUT THERE. Where
      does yours take place?

      The question as to why bother to spend a whole chunk of your life
      devoted to a passion for expounding the mystical or deeply mysterious
      and profound encounters and aspects of life and aspects of human
      experience; and whilst knowing full well the sum of the deck which is
      stacked up against you and what it all entails if talking of it? Both
      from the scientific materialists community and the plethora of religious
      tribes and the faithful to this or that ancient book of so called
      truths. And even academic psychology. That is the question. Here is
      the answer – and without smooth edges.

      But first, and for religionists only, here is a question for them…
      Is your god dead? If not then why does one need ancient books and so
      called wise prophets of the past to speak of it, and from people who
      were far more illiterate and less worldly wise and knowledgeable than
      we are today? Is this god of yours no longer contactable? If it is
      dead then none of it any longer applies does it, and heaven and limbo
      have gone with the wind of change. If it is not dead then it is just as
      accessible today TO YOU as it was at the dawn of human existence to
      them. But, anyway, let us press on. But one for the materialistic
      scientific methodology guru's first. If you have concluded what
      things are and what it is all about then why are you still seeking
      answers to questions? But you will not find answers to the inner
      phenomena by looking at the phenomena of the outer. You do not know the
      sum of the all do you. Anyway, that too will be ignored as per rote and
      inclination of their mind-set.

      Are you thinking about talking and writing about your
      metaphysical/mystical and illuminating experiences; if so then first and
      foremost DON'T do it unless you truly are ready to live with the
      consequences of reaping what you have sown. I have some experience in
      that field, and which need not be wasted on myself. You will not like
      most of it. If YOU do it then you will become a kind of gardener, a
      sower of seeds in other peoples minds. You are not propounding an idea
      or theory as such, but rather the experiential facts of an extant
      phenomenon which you have found and live with.

      But, to those who do not know it yet (most people on earth it seems)
      then it will appear that you are simply sowing ideas, not realities.
      So, live with that from the outset, and get on with it regardless. If
      you have what it takes that is. If not forget it. You have got to be
      prepared to stand absolutely alone on this world if doing this. Fun?
      No, not fun. Rewarding? Only time will tell. It certainly is not in
      the short term however, so expect none. But, in the final analysis
      you are only talking about what you found; not what you have not found,
      or wish for, or hope for – but just what you found and lived with;
      as is. I think it is called honesty.

      Also, you must face the fact that most of what goes under the heading of
      mysticism ( in the past as well as now) is NOT IT at all. It is a
      concoction and a subterfuge to hide the real thing – a perception
      trick. A good part of it these days of course is just done by fools
      knowing not what they do or what they are talking about – let alone
      knowing what they are assisting in that silly and dangerous process of
      hiding truths. But originally it was a hoax; a socio political hoax that
      was, alas, an effective way of controlling a mob. But unfortunately for
      them, and fortunately for us, bits of truth were thrown into their
      scribbling (obviously without them knowing that) and it is by way of
      which that the rest of their diatribe is proved to be a lie. And it
      reveals where they stole it from. Only the truth can reveal a lie.

      On the simplistic face of it then it will be seen by the mob that you
      are simply trying to destroy priestcraft, religions and brainwashing;
      along with subjugation, lies, cheating, exploitation, fear, and a whole
      vast plethora of self erected guru's, and all the other dross of
      this world. But that is not so, that is not the real job; it is not the
      purpose; that is only the necessary means to an end. Yes, that has to
      be done, but that is only tantamount to washing a wall before painting
      it – the painting it is the real job. Or to put it into today's
      vernacular you have to clear the streets of the shit and filth before
      you even start to make the place hygienic and fit to live on. Or to
      put it another way; you cannot make people come right; and neither do
      you need to. For if you get ride of what is blocking the pipe line
      than they come right anyway; for it is what they are. So, that is the
      goal – to clear a path for that which is real about them; so that
      it can flow without resistance and self created obstacles.

      This is not something you do on a one to one basis; for that is too time
      consuming anyway. Not on a world with six billion people anyway. You
      aint here to preach or convert; you are here to work. No you do it on
      the basis of one versus the rest of them. You do not have to dig out
      those who will help you, for they will just pop up and come into view
      when the shit flies in the fan anyway. And there will not be many of
      them – yet. So, YOU are alone; think of it and treat it that way;
      or you will weep buckets.

      On this world it has become convention that you must not say something
      IS SO. You are supposed to say either I think it is so, or I believe
      it to be so, or it seems to be the case, or in my opinion. All that
      crap and nanny state political correctness you have not got time for;
      so do not play this game their way, or you will get nowhere fast and
      achieve nothing at all. This world is not ready for the mystics dove of
      peace yet, it is the sword that alas has to be used here and now.
      Hopefully that need will end one day. But not yet. It is of course not
      a sword for killing people (as they have done for millennia) but the
      sword which hacks down the weeds which choke the life out of humanity
      and expose their corrupt power game. Conspiracy theories of a corrupt
      system? Huh, they are not theories; they are facts and well trodden
      roads for many hundreds of years; and longer. And the people behind it
      all are not silly and they are no easy meat to brush aside.

      Will doing this jeopardise your physical life? Maybe; but not to the
      extent that it once did when they killed mystics by the scores each
      day. So, live with it. Will devoting time and effort to this
      jeopardise your personal life and life style? It does not have to. No,
      you can live a normal family life, raise your kids, have fun and
      hobbies, all at the same time. The degree to which is up to you –
      but a family life just makes that much more work – but worth it. But
      you can cope.

      How is this vocation to be classified? In one word – WAR. In a
      few words – A war for the survival of the Dignity of Man, and the
      truth of what we find both within us and on the outside of us. That is
      it. It is not a war for some imaginary or symbolic magic tea pot in the
      sky; it is a war for the love of life and the truth of what is found to
      be so. Is it worth dying for? Yes. But it is even more important to say
      that it is worth living for. You cannot do anything here when you are
      not here. You are all going to die anyway, no matter what you do; so
      you might as well do something worthwhile here whilst the opportunity
      here exists. Anything else then you are a scum-bag at worst or wimp at
      best, and a part of the problem.

      What of those who are not mystics, yet not a part of the religious mafia
      or the materialist monotones and the corporate capitalist cesspit? Then
      keep out of the battle, or choose which side you think is best and
      right and join it. Will this eventually lead to bloodshed? Probably
      alas; or at least incorporate much of it. It always has thus far. All
      change brings stress, and stress has its effects and consequences. Too
      much stress and an individual can crack up; as can a whole nation of
      them. It is after all a social revolution and which incorporates a
      great paradigmatic evolution and change. Who am I to say such things
      and with such conviction? Me. Who are you? What are you? From
      whence do you come and why? Find out.

      What of all the vast mountains of religious and spiritual instructions
      and advice? Ninety nine percent of the lot of it is rubbish, dangerous
      rubbish and lies. It is invented by Priestcraft and perpetrated and
      copied parrot fashion by ignorant brainwashed clones myrmidons who live
      in a zombified state of Somnus; self erected guru's. It is a hobby
      for them. They think they need their drug for survival – and also
      a life better than this when they are dead. Fools, the lot of them.
      They live as fools and they will die as fools and cowards.

      What of the ever growing plethora of New Age junkies and the their
      `priests' ? Same applies; it is nothing new. I know them well,
      pretend artists. Nearly every man jack of them. They think they
      cannot be seen through – they can, they are as transparent as clear
      glass. They too are a part of the problem, not the cure. Shovel them up
      on the same shit shovel and dump it on the same stagnant pile of
      irrelevance to rot. You do not sound very nice? I am not; and I am not
      here to be loved or admired or remembered. Just here for the job; that
      is all. What are you here for? Do you know? If not then find out. And
      what do you do in the meantime? Look at yourself.

      What of all those who claim great personal insight to the metaphysical
      aspect of our nature and life itself? I thought we covered that in the
      last paragraph. Nearly all of them are shams, pretenders,
      wanna-be's, charlatanism, frauds. I have spent a lot of time with
      them and watching, listening. It is junk for the large part. Dump it
      and them. But what of the few genuine ones? It does not matter, for
      you will recognise them if and when you find them and they will
      recognise you. Don't make the mistake that I did for some years by
      looking for them; for they will find you soon enough. It happens.

      So what is Mysticism then? It is the umbrella name for Mystical
      Experience. And you will be giving it back its name and its true meaning
      and what it points to. After eliminating the junk which came into
      existence for vested interests to hide its true reality; and then
      rebuilding it again AS IS. So what is it AS IS? This article is not
      about that – find the answer to that elsewhere; for it takes a long
      time to write it all. If you are interested that is. If not forget it
      and get on with your life. But I tell you this in all truth…
      whatever it is beyond our individual experience of it – IT WORKS. It
      also reveals the answers to the perennial questions – what are we;
      where do we come from; what are we doing here: and to whither do I
      return. Hardly irrelevant questions are they. Do you know anything
      else which does that by the living experience of it? I don't.
      So, I go with the flow of what I cannot prove to be wrong; and which
      itself proves it to be right. And that is it. Why does it happen? You
      figure it out like I had to. But in a word, NEED. We need it and it
      needs us. But are we in need of answers or are we not. They come.
      You did not make yourself and ask to exist, so the nature of things
      owes YOU answers – not you it. And it comes. You are a part of it,
      not some alienated blob of dead stuff lurking of the fringe of what
      exists looking in. YOU are IT, and the process of ITS unfolding in time
      and space. You just have to be there and be receptive enough to catch
      it in order to know it and understand it.

      How then to go about this task? Write about it and talk about it at
      full throttle, blow their little closed minds wide open; and never give
      up. But I cannot write and talk you say. Then learn by practice. All
      it takes is within you, if you tap into it and then use it. Is
      anything worth the learning of. If not then do not bother, but if you
      find it to be so then learn things and share it with them all. If they
      throw it back at you it does not matter – for they have heard it;
      and there is power in the word, and to say nothing of in your
      conviction and efforts. You are not doing it for you, but for life,
      humanity and this world, this life here and now and tomorrow. But words
      cannot work until they hear them, and then sink in to do the job which
      they do in the subconscious mind, and then later seep up into the
      conscious mind. That which is below comes up, and the above becomes as
      the below the waves of time and space.

      How do you know? It does not matter and I am not going into that here.
      But suffice to say that others also know today, as some did in the past
      and many others will yet do in time to come. It is not unique and not
      down to any one person, and you are never really alone; it just seems
      that way, and for a while you must operate that way, and hope for the

      So, what is Mysticism when all the talking and experiencing is done? I
      don't know, not for sure; but everything is deeply mysterious, and
      which includes me and everything extant which is not me. It is
      everything that ever was, is now, or ever will be. Did you think that
      life and the existence of things was simple. No, it is not simple, it
      is deeply mysterious. But we can and do unite with that primordial and
      eternal mystery of ourselves in its very ground and essence of being.
      Truly we do. In the beginning I was there. So were you. Truly.

      So, what should I believe? Nothing. Believing things is the problem,
      not the cure. Learn things and know them. Seek out everything which is
      there to be found, both of the inner and the outer. There is no need
      to believe anything; just search things out, ask yourself questions,
      and keep looking, searching, wondering. They have been brainwashed to
      think that one has to believe this or that, and sold a pup along with
      it; a lie, in their process which they use for mind manipulation for
      their ends and rewards.

      So what is the future of humanity? I do not know for it is not made yet
      and I cannot see into a future that is not there to see into; but, in
      part the future is down to us; now, today; but that is the very project
      which we are trying to work on and assist in making; and whilst giving
      back to the mob that which they had stolen from them by vested
      interests and lies. That is all. Not much really is it – just a
      wee matter of life or living death here, that is all. So, decide where
      you stand and then go for it with everything you have within you to
      give it – one hundred percent of yourself. Anything less is not
      enough. You do not have what you have in order to sit on it and not
      use it. That is what they want you to do, to stagnate to an entropy
      state and do exactly as they tell you. Who is they? Those who wish to
      own everything, the world and you, and dictate how things must be done
      – for their own ends. That is who `they' are.

      You will get no reward for any of this – here or elsewhere; but the
      future of Man might. What does life and Man matter to you? I am a
      part of it, even when not here any longer. All you will get here and
      now is the satisfaction of taking part in a job which needs doing. And,
      by the way, YOU are a conduit between time and eternity also; so make
      the connection and make it work. Let the water flow from the spring
      to the sea. Today will never come back again, so do not waste it whilst
      it is here - not all of it anyway; tis fine to keep a little bit of
      each day to yourself just for fun. But life is not about fun; it is
      about what IS, and we are each an active part of that unfolding of the
      life saga. Are you for it or against it? It truly is make your mind
      up time; for things are coming to a head and the puss of corruption and
      greed is rising fast. Either humanity will remain a malignant virus on
      the face of the earth hell bent on destroying itself and the world or
      it will come into its own, as a reflection of what it is in essence and
      principle in Eternity. And only then will they be able to say that we
      have arrived and the job here is done; or at least as best we could
      help do it anyway. You cannot do more than that. Let the seed flower
      by way of you.

      When push comes to shove at the end of the day, you have a profound,
      truly profound choice to make. You are a part of life whether you like
      it or not; and you did not ask for it, but you have got it anyway. And
      life is with you now. So, what are you going to do with it? That is
      your bit to decide. I hope you make the right choice – because I am
      selfish, and irrespective of all the other parts which construct me I am
      also man, and I want humanity to continue and become what it can become
      here on earth at its very best – and which is good and worthwhile;
      as is life itself. Could you really live whilst telling yourself that
      you were a part of this mess here and did nothing about it, or at least
      tried to do something. If you can, then maybe you are not human after
      all. If you and we fail, then so be it, but at least we could go out
      knowing that we tried. The Dignity of Man is at stake here. And I am
      afraid that the responsibility of that is with you. And that is the way
      it is; like it or not. Mine is not for sale; for it is all I have which
      is really my own and which I am in control of.

      Are you doing this for some `gods' sake? No :- ) I am doing
      for my sake, your sake, the children's sake, the worlds sake,
      humanities sake, truth's sake, life's sake and sanity's
      sake. I speak only of what I have found, that is all; and a passion for
      it and its fulfilment on earth. Have you been asked to do this? Well,
      yes, actually I was; by a number of people. But that was a long time ago
      and it was I who chose to do it. Nobody and nothing could make me do
      what I do not want to do; it is down to me – and you in your case.
      There are so many important things to do in life, and that truly need
      to be done. We can each only do what we have the ability and know-how
      to do. I for one have done many things; but there is nothing more
      important right now than this. Nothing.

      What difference can a single persons efforts make on a world like this?
      One person, or you plus me combined, not a lot, virtually nothing I
      guess. But a tiny difference to just a handful of people can and does
      snowball. The difference comes when millions are doing it all at the
      same time. Reaching a tipping point. Then it will tell and reap its
      harvest in changing things for the better here.

      Is it really worth it? Oh yes. Silly question, of course it is worth
      it; even doing it alone is worth it. Is it worth feeding and educating
      your children and seeing them happy; of course it is. And what does it
      take? I have told you above. You could sum up by saying nothing much
      short of a miracle :- ) But hey, what are minor miracles when you and
      I are the stuff that dreams are made upon. A dream not utilised and put
      into effect is a dream wasted. But, it is not based upon a dream; it is
      based upon learning what we are in the beginning and the end, and what
      we are in essence. Truly. But the dream is simply to fulfil it here on
      earth, and as soon as possible. If possible. But there is no reason at
      all that it cannot be done and cannot happen here. The only thing
      preventing it is YOU. And six billion like you.

      Know Your Self – and you will then simultaneously know the deepest
      depths of all things issued forth from the point of no duration or
      extension; and before time began to move and things changing in their
      unfolding and becoming process. Truly it is so and there to be found. I
      and you need no witness to that statement – for life will prove it
      to you eventually; as life itself is my witness. You already know in
      fact; you have just forgotten for a while. But you really are the
      Watcher at the Gates of Dawn, and a key player in the creative process
      here on earth. I said that Mysticism (mystical Experience) is
      important; for it gets a job done. But it is also true to say that Life
      and Mysticism are the same thing. When you were young you were full of
      questions, quite naturally so. The most important of which are what am
      I, where have I come from, what am I doing here and why, and to whither
      do I go. Life reveals the answers to those question – by way of
      mystical experience. But have you been nurtured not to ask questions and
      seek for yourself? Be honest. Do not believe me, for that will not
      help you, and it might even hinder. But find it to be true for
      yourself. Today is as good a time as any to have to know these things;
      and probably even more so than at any time in the past; for we have
      reached a stage where Man has quite a bit of power here on earth now,
      and that power has to be modulated by wisdom which is yours from the
      beginning; and that only comes by way of knowing your deepest self. It
      is True. But do not take my word for it – find it yourself. There is
      no need to believe me, for it is there to be found, and used. How do
      you find it? I don't know, but just try. Be open to anything that
      comes, even if it seems scary and dark at the time. Do not run from the
      unknown. Blackness leads to light. Ignorance leads to understanding.
      Love leads to home where it comes from.

      Good hunting, and work hard at it; for it is worth it. And if an apple
      tree or sunflower can bring forth its fruit from its seed in the ground
      of its being, then so can you. For you are more than a tree or a
      sunflower. But lucky them, for they do not have to make choices and then
      live with the effects of them. We do. And we do. But, to be conscious
      and to be able to choose things, and what we do; is about as
      miraculous, wondrous, as anything can ever get. Do you take it for
      granted maybe? Best not to; but find out what it is and where it hangs
      out; and then use it. I AM what I AM, and I AM the first thing brought
      forth from the even deeper mystery of NO THING MADE. That which has no
      cause; but is itself causation. Like a cauldron awaiting a spoon to
      stir the pot. Go stir the pot. Make the meal of life experience here
      be more nourishing than it has hitherto been. Homo Ensophicus is
      coming. Prepare the way.

      Dick Richardson.

      West Somerset. UK. 2008 CE.

      http://www.psychognosis.net/ <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

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