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  • fictiveparrot
    Nov 5, 2010
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      > I wonder who would go on your groups.

      People who are interested in those topics. They are not philosophy.

      > Moreover IF you had run groups
      > then you would not have to guess as to their running.

      It isn't hard to run a group. It is hard to get people interested. Make your own, and see what I mean. No one will listen to your drivel.

      > How many members did they have?

      As many as 2500. Currently.

      > So, abuse is endearing is it.

      What you do, sir, is abuse of a worse kind than calling someone a name.

      > You mix in some strange
      > and unwholesome company it seems

      Certainly I have. I don't shy from much. I've been in a crack house. I've been in ivory towers. I've watched people doing heroin and lines of coke and lots of other things...and I have taught at some 7 college institutions. I am not afraid of experience. You may put a barrier between using a needle and downing a bottle of rare scotch...

      I don't.

      > there are thousands if not
      > millions of the same philosophy as to my own.

      But they don't listen to YOU. Don't want to listen to YOU. Your flagrant, lying BS about love and mysticism when put to the test meets an ass like myself and falls all apart in a shambles, calling names and acting just as they preach not to. Your word is bull. lots of people like to listen to bull -- look at the following of TV evangelists.

      > Maybe one of the days you will actually write
      > something worth reading.

      It is not a goal of mine...but on the other hand I could probably tell you about publications and the many people who read them -- well, one assumes from the purchases. I am not sure it is impressive. I'm not sure I care.

      You, on the other hand are begging for people to notice, whether or not they hate you.

      I'm not sure what benefit that is. But my guess is you muster more hate than support.

      > rwr

      Raw Wasted Redmeat
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