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53704Bungling bombers

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  • William
    Oct 31, 2010
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      Tom, Please excuse my tardyness,I had need to swat a bug.
      Certainly Jagger held a good many existential concepts. He is still an exciting individual with the most complex world view.The London School of economics will help with that sort of thing.
      I understand asymetrical warfare and agree with what you relate on the subject. I think tactics are more relevant than philosophy as philosophy only tries to justify what tactics wills. That is why I like FN as he saw the relation of will to the application of any exihibited philosophy. He also cut out god and other morally related bull shit. It is why I like Liddy as even in his paranoia he was true to mission and therefore to philosophy.
      I do not hate the CIA model of overall world division. Divide and rule is better than divide and conquer,there is less violence. The problem is it is very slow and we are impatient americans. When some paper hanging son of a bitch like Hitler uses a liberating thought explosion like existentialism to bury god and release the bonds of anarchy the old tactics of containment were blasted away. It took Donovan and his OSS to formulate a working world order that realised the existance of men like Mao and Ho Chi Minh. They play a different game by different rules. I think existentialism still encompasses all of these competing ideologies and has not been blown away with communism, facism or the revolutionary systems of south and central america. That our devious agents rub elbows and purse strings with the other side may or may not work. You are correct in your vision of the conflict and I think we will prevail,slowly. Bill
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