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53331Re: What is a Mystic's Mistake? (or, How Birds Do It)

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  • dick.richardson@rocketmail.com
    Oct 3, 2010
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      Very well, I would be happy for everybody to be happy by not posting
      here any more. My reasons for initially doing so were fulfilled long ago
      by those lurking on this group who were interested, judging by the
      private feed-back as always happens. That is why I do it – because
      nobody else is doing it. Also I have to reiterate once again that this
      IS all a part of ones existential existence (a fuller part) and it makes
      it even more profound. That some are interested in nothing other than
      that which is revelled by the five external senses plus what they like
      to think, is no concern of mine. The things I have talked of are not
      invented, I could never do that. They are all true. So too are the bits
      I have told about my own life events. Many folks love to hear them and
      have asked for more and more, but I don't really have any more to
      give that I have not given them on a number of chat groups for a long
      time. That there are some, and for whatever reasons, who prefer not to
      accept anything one says is irrelevant and it makes not a jot of
      difference, neither does all the abuse. I know what I am doing, I know
      why I am doing it, and did long before I had decided to put pen to
      paper, for I had thought it all out and the repercussions long before. I
      don't rush into thing willy-nilly.

      Enjoy your chats in idyllic peace and quiet. Nobody ever had to read any
      of mine in the first place. That is their problem not mine. But if they
      sling shit I can sling it back, but I never sling it first and never
      have done.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@...> wrote:
      > Tom and all,
      > It is a matter of instinct, I think - that on the question of whether
      or not Dick at three and a half knocked out another small boy, who was
      bigger than himself, I have found myself believing and you do not
      believe. Neither of us can establish the truth, and Dick cannot provide
      any evidence, except his own memory, so there it is. Dick does not
      respect the consensual feeling of the group, regarding quantity of
      posts, and often flies off the handle when his mystical posts do not
      receive the interest or intelligent questioning he thinks they deserve,
      and I am rather tired of all this, but still I think Dick is a reliable
      witness, in the sense of telling the truth about his own life and
      perceptions. I differ from Dick (and from Bill) in regard to how I
      think about religious faith, but otherwise many of Dick's opinions are
      soundly based in life experience, whether or not others might agree with
      him about the opinions or their topicality to this list. The religious
      faith opinions are absurdly generalised and fanatical. Whilst I am here
      busy with agreements and differences, I also agree with Bill that there
      are just too many helpings of mystic wisdom per day, and I would ask
      that the communal feeling be respected. Mary, Tom, Peter and Wil have
      all recently offered their opinions about excessive or unreasonable
      posting, and the moderator has apparently given up after repeated
      attempts to moderate have been flouted. Please, Dick, respect the site.
      We are only being democratic.
      > Louise

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